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American Indoor Football (AIF) Launches Graphic Design Department: Unveils Trey Braid and Dorian Redden as Inaugural Designers

American Indoor Football (AIF) Launches Graphic Design Department: Unveils Trey Braid and Dorian Redden as Inaugural Designers

Baltimore MD — Baltimore MD — The American Indoor Football (AIF) league is thrilled to announce the establishment of its Graphic Design department, a strategic initiative aimed at providing teams with comprehensive design solutions. This milestone represents the league's commitment to enhancing its visual identity and engagement with fans. Larry Clark, Director of Operations for the AIF, and Jesse Heninger, Chief Marketing Officer, are excited to introduce Trey Braid and Dorian Redden as the pioneering members of this innovative endeavor.

"The launch of the Graphic Design department marks a significant step forward for the AIF. We are dedicated to elevating the visual experience for our fans, players, and teams. With this new department, we aim to provide a streamlined approach to meeting our design needs, ensuring consistency and excellence in all visual aspects of the league," said Larry Clark. Trey Braid has been appointed as the Director of Creative Services and Information Technology of the AIF Graphic Design department. Braid is a seasoned professional who brings over a decade of experience in the indoor and arena football industry. He has played a pivotal role in shaping the design landscape of the AIF and various other football leagues.

"Trey Braid's track record speaks volumes about his ability to innovate and create captivating designs that resonate with fans. His dedication to the world of indoor and arena football has left an indelible mark on the industry. We are thrilled to have Trey lead our Graphic Design department, where his creative vision and expertise will undoubtedly enhance the league's visual appeal," stated Jesse Heninger.

Trey Braid's journey in the indoor football realm began with the AIF in 2012. During his tenure with the league until 2016, he played a crucial role in crafting the league's visual identity, generating designs that resonated deeply with fans and players alike. Braid's influence expanded beyond the AIF as he collaborated with prominent leagues like the NAL, IFL, CIF, AAL, and AIFA. His portfolio showcases an array of design projects, including team logos, uniforms, promotional materials, and arena branding.

"I am looking forward to working with our teams, players, and fans of the AIF as we look to bring back American Indoor Football for the 2024 season," shared Trey Braid, expressing his enthusiasm for this new chapter.

Joining Braid in the Graphic Design department is Dorian Redden, another accomplished designer with a passion for pushing creative boundaries.

"I feel like bringing on Dorian is like catching lightning in a bottle. As the main graphic talent behind the Albany Empire, Dorian has worked with dozens of players and brands across arena football and the business world. Providing our teams the opportunity to work with such designers truly shows the arena/indoor football world what the AIF is doing to support our member teams, headed into our exciting 2024 AIF season," expressed Jesse Heninger, further highlighting the significance of Dorian's addition to the team.  

Dorian Redden also shared his excitement about joining the AIF Graphic Design department, saying, "I am excited to bring my graphic design talents to the AIF and help them build a strong brand identity. Being from the Albany, NY area, I have a strong passion for arena/indoor football and greatly enjoy combining it with my passion for graphic design. This is a very exciting opportunity to work with the many other talented individuals of the AIF."

Larry Clark, Director of Operations for the AIF, emphasized the importance of the Graphic Design department, stating, "The launch of the Graphic Design department reflects our commitment to enhancing the visual experience within the AIF. We aim to provide teams with a one-stop solution for their design needs, ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand identity across the league."

The AIF Graphic Design department's inception represents a leap towards innovation and cohesiveness within the league's visual presence. As the AIF prepares for its comeback in the 2024 season, the new department promises to invigorate the fan experience, elevate the league's image, and cement its position as a dynamic and forward-looking organization.

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