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Venom sign former USC Trojan Dual Athlete Keyshawn Young

Venom sign former USC Trojan Dual Athlete Keyshawn Young

The buzz in Amarillo is palpable as the Amarillo Venom proudly announces the newest addition to their roster, the versatile and dynamic player, Keyshawn Young! Young, an accomplished athlete, brings an incredible winning spirit and a host of achievements to the Amarillo Venom family.

A Star-Studded Career:

Keyshawn Young’s journey to the Amarillo Venom has been nothing short of spectacular. As a former USC Trojan, Young played a pivotal role in USC’s triumphant journey from 2016 to 2020. Notably, he clinched the coveted Rose Bowl and added a Pac-12 Championship to his impressive resume, earning recognition as one of college football’s brightest stars.

What sets Young apart is his extraordinary versatility. At USC, he showcased his prowess as a dual-threat athlete, excelling both as a wide receiver and a defensive back. Young’s ability to contribute on both sides of the field makes him a valuable asset to the Amarillo Venom, offering a multifaceted approach to the game.

A Thrilling Addition to the Roster:

Keyshawn Young is brimming with enthusiasm as he joins the Amarillo Venom family. “I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing team and community,” says Young. “I can’t wait to make a significant impact on the field and connect with our fans in Amarillo.”

Head Coach Rick Kranz and Owner Robert Reyna share in the excitement. Coach Kranz, a football virtuoso known for his strategic brilliance, sees Young as a game-changer. “Keyshawn’s talent and winning mentality are exactly what we need to elevate our game,” says Coach Kranz.

Owner Robert Reyna, the visionary leader behind the Amarillo Venom, echoes this sentiment. “Keyshawn’s addition to our roster reflects our commitment to excellence. We’re thrilled to have him on board as we continue our pursuit of victory and growth.”

Join the Amarillo Venom Hype!

The anticipation surrounding Keyshawn Young’s arrival is infectious. Amarillo Venom fans can’t wait to witness his electrifying performances on the field and cheer him on throughout the season.

For more information about Keyshawn Young, the Amarillo Venom, and upcoming events, visit Get ready to witness the Venom in action as they aim for another successful season with their latest star player, Keyshawn Young!

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