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 Venom Unleashes Undra Hendrix: A Defensive Tackle Sensation

Venom Unleashes Undra Hendrix: A Defensive Tackle Sensation

The Amarillo Venom is overjoyed to announce the newest addition to our roster, Undra Hendrix, a dynamic defensive tackle hailing from Irving, Texas. Hendrix, with his remarkable collegiate success at Hardin-Simmons University, is all set to embark on an exciting journey with the Amarillo Venom. Let’s delve into the extraordinary path of Undra Hendrix as he gears up to make a substantial impact on our team, and we must mention the palpable excitement shared by our head coach, Rick Kranz, and our owner, Robert Reyna.

Undra Hendrix: A Collegiate Force to Be Reckoned With

Before venturing into professional football, Undra Hendrix honed his skills at Hardin-Simmons University, where he stood out as a remarkable defensive tackle. His senior season in 2012 was nothing short of awe-inspiring:

  • 60 Total Tackles: Hendrix’s relentless pursuit of ball carriers and ability to disrupt plays translated into an impressive tackle count.
  • 19 Tackles for Loss: His knack for penetrating the opponent’s offensive line and creating chaos in the backfield established him as a defensive powerhouse.
  • 11 Sacks: Hendrix showcased his versatility by effectively rushing the passer and taking down quarterbacks.
  • Two Forced Fumbles: His impact extended beyond tackles, with a talent for creating turnovers that shifted the course of games.

From Dallas Ranchview to Amarillo Venom: A Star in the Making

Undra Hendrix’s football journey commenced at Dallas Ranchview High School, where his raw talent and unwavering commitment to the game shone brilliantly. His exceptional performances earned him recognition as a second-team all-area and all-state selection, paving the way for his promising future.

A New Chapter with Amarillo Venom

In 2013, Undra Hendrix embarked on his professional football odyssey with Laredo, exhibiting his skills on the field. Now, he brings his experience, determination, and hunger for success to the Amarillo Venom. Hendrix’s inclusion in our roster promises to fortify our defensive line and bring a thrilling new dimension to our team’s strategy.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing Undra Hendrix in action, with both our head coach, Rick Kranz, and our owner, Robert Reyna, sharing in the excitement. Their enthusiasm sets the tone for this thrilling new chapter with Undra Hendrix on board, elevating the Venom to a formidable force in indoor football.

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