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Meet The President: Unraveling the Dynamic Journey of Robert Reyna and His

Meet The President: Unraveling the Dynamic Journey of Robert Reyna and His


There’s a reinvigorated energy pulsating through the heart of Amarillo, Texas, and it’s propelled by none other than the formidable entrepreneur, Robert Reyna. As the new President of the Amarillo Venom Indoor Football Team, Robert is not just at the helm to lead; he’s here to revolutionize the entire sports and entertainment landscape of Amarillo.

A Storied Journey

With a legacy deeply rooted in business excellence, community advocacy, and philanthropy, Reyna, the architect behind upscale salon chains Salon Envy® and 36 West®, and a passionate member of the City Board of Adjustment in Corpus Christi, is stepping into the sports arena with a vision that transcends traditional boundaries. His award-winning entrepreneurial journey, coupled with a degree in Legal Studies and a minor in Marketing from the University of Maryland, sets the stage for an unparallel transformation of Amarillo Venom.

A New Dawn for Amarillo Venom

In a major shift, Robert Reyna is set to reimagine the entire fan experience. From hosting electrifying tailgate and after parties, launching a reality TV show, broadcasting games on national television, to bringing concerts to Amarillo through BoomCrowd®—every touchpoint is designed to amplify excitement and community engagement.

In an exclusive insight, Reyna shares, “I want to thank the city of Amarillo for allowing me to show my vision for the organization and how I plan to put Amarillo on the map for the right reasons. I plan on incorporating as many small businesses and helping the economy of the city as I possibly can. I take this very serious and have very big plans, this is not just about football to me, this is about changing the way business is done and curating a platform for others before myself.”

Integrative Growth and Community Upliftment

Robert’s vision transcends the exhilarating in-game experiences; it’s about weaving the fabric of community and economic growth. Collaborating with local small businesses, fostering an environment where players find their pathway to the NFL, and single-handedly driving Amarillo’s economic surge, Robert’s blueprint is holistic and inclusive.

The upcoming season is not just a display of athletic prowess but a celebration of Amarillo’s vibrancy, potential, and collective spirit. A documentary highlighting the organization’s evolution and a cartoon series featuring Amarillo’s beloved sports team mascots are in the works to capture and immortalize this transformative journey.


With a heart passionately tuned to community welfare and an innovative mind that’s breaking the conventions, Robert Reyna is not just the President of Amarillo Venom – he’s Amarillo’s advocate, game changer, and visionary leader. As the city waits in eager anticipation, one thing is clear – under Reyna’s leadership, Amarillo Venom is not just a team; it’s a movement that embodies the city’s spirit, resilience, and unyielding ascent to greatness.

Get ready, Amarillo. A redefined, invigorated, and unprecedented experience awaits. Every game, event, and initiative is a step towards a future where sports, community, and economic vitality converge into a spectacle of unity and shared triumph.

Welcome to the new era of Amarillo Venom, masterfully orchestrated by Robert Reyna—a testament to passion, innovation, and unyielding commitment to community enrichment and global recognition.


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