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River City Rage Announces Relocation to Coralville IA for 2025 Indoor Football Season

River City Rage Announces Relocation to Coralville IA for 2025 Indoor Football Season

Baltimore MD – The River City Rage, a team in the American Indoor Football (AIF) league, has made a strategic decision to relocate to Coralville IA and the Xtream Arena for the 2025 indoor football season. Team owner Dominic Montero emphasized that this move was made with the best interests of both the organization and the AIF in mind.

Montero explained that careful analysis of the financial outlook led to this decision. "I want to thank Craig McCormick and others within our group, but I am being stretched thin due to my involvement in two startups and the challenge of assembling the right staff. We simply want to focus on the River Kings. Which strengthens our position and ensures success for the 2024 season." Montero said.

Crucially, Montero highlighted the timing of the move, emphasizing the importance of making this decision before the release of the AIF's 2024 schedule. "We believe that making this decision ahead of the schedule announcement is in the best interest of the league and our organization. It allows us to plan effectively and ensures a smooth transition to our new home," he added.

In response to the news, John Morris, Commissioner of the AIF, commented, "We respect Dominics decision, and whatever choice he makes to bolster his position, we support it because ultimately, it strengthens the league. We appreciate the team's dedication to ensuring the long-term stability of their organization and the league."

The team is actively coordinating the logistics of the move, working closely with league officials to ensure a seamless transition. The River City Rage remains committed to delivering an exciting and competitive performance in the 2025 season, despite the change in location.

The River City Rage eagerly anticipates the new opportunities and challenges that the Iowa City relocation will bring and remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in indoor football.

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