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New arena football team announced for Albany

New arena football team announced for Albany

ALBANY, Ga. – In the same month that the National Indoor Soccer League announced the name of the new Albany team, another league is going to be calling the venue their home in 2024.

Interim General Manager, Eric Tabor stopped into our station late Friday afternoon to talk about the return of arena football in Albany.

“You know, we’re excited to come to Albany and bring this back and re-create that magic that used to happen here when we had previous arena teams,” said Eric Tabor, Interim GM, SOWEGA Football Club.

The new team will be set to kick off in 2024, after nearly a decade since the previous team left the Good Life City.

And, this comes just after the National Indoor Soccer League announced the name of their new team, the Albany Aces, who will also be playing in the Civic Center.

“People talk about there’s not a lot to do in Albany, and here’s an opportunity where, regardless of race, color, sex, creed, origin, whatever, you can come out and enjoy some football in a nice climate-controlled environment. And, it’s a fun game,” said Tabor.

With football being more ubiquitous across the area, tabor believes that the new arena football team is going to be a major hit downtown.

“It’s great for Albany, and south Georgia period. You know, you get a chance to come out, whether you like soccer, whether you like football. You come and enjoy yourself, have some fun, shake some hands, and make some new friends,” said Tabor.

And, couple with the announcement of the Albany Aces with the National Indoor Soccer League earlier in the month of September, one thing is for sure…

Big tourism dollars are going to be on their way back into Albany.

“It’s great. And it’s a good opportunity for hotels, motels in Albany, the restaurants. Everybody benefits when we have a great product coming into the town,” said Tabor.

With the American Indoor Football League set to kick off in 2024,the sky is the limit for re-invigorating the Good Life City’s tourism appeal.

The new football team currently doesn’t have a name.

Tabor says they’ll be holding a contest in the near future to determine what the team is going to call themselves.

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