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American Indoor Football Announces Partnership with the National Scouting Combine

American Indoor Football Announces Partnership with the National Scouting Combine

Baltimore MD - In a move that promises to reshape the future of indoor football, the American Indoor Football (AIF) league has entered into a strategic partnership with the National Scouting Combine. This collaboration marks a significant development in the AIF's commitment to identifying and fostering top-tier athletic talent.

The National Scouting Combine, renowned for its comprehensive and authentic approach to athlete evaluation, offers a unique platform for athletes to showcase their abilities. The combine caters to various professional levels in sports, including football, rugby, wrestling, and several Olympic disciplines, providing a near-NFL Combine experience with detailed testing, advanced technology, performance reporting, and a showcase game.

John Morris, AIF Commissioner, echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the alignment of the National Scouting Combine's precision and excellence with the AIF's vision. "This collaboration opens up new avenues for our athletes, providing them with the resources and exposure they need to excel at the professional level," Morris added.

Jesse Heninger, AIF's Director of Marketing, emphasized the significance of validated athletic performance in the current sports landscape. "Teaming up with the National Scouting Combine offers our athletes an opportunity to acquire validated, laser-accurate numbers, crucial for furthering their professional football careers. In today's competitive environment, knowing how to market oneself effectively is vital, and the National Scouting Combine is a trusted industry source for that," Heninger remarked.

Larry Clark Jr., Director of Operations for AIF, expressed his excitement about the partnership. "The expertise and comprehensive approach of the National Scouting Combine in athlete evaluation will enable our teams to recruit exceptional talent. This partnership marks a new chapter for AIF, one filled with promise and potential," he stated.

John Morris, AIF Commissioner, and Jesse Heninger, AIF's Director of Marketing, also shared their positive outlooks on the collaboration, highlighting the opportunities it brings for athlete development and marketing.

Founded in 2010 by former professional athlete Jimmy Kibble, the National Scouting Combine has evolved into a vital resource for athletes. Kibble, who played college football for Virginia Tech under Frank Beamer, participated in the 2000 BCS National Championship, and received invitations to the 2000 Hula Bowl and NFL Combine, brings a wealth of experience to the organization. His career included playing in the NFL preseason, NFL Europe, Arena Football, and arenafootball2 Leagues.

Seeing a need in the market, Kibble established Beyond Sports, LLC in 2007 and later the National Scouting Combine. His vision was to provide an event that genuinely delivered on its promises, offering authentic and expert combine testing for all competition levels, including male and female athletes.

In 2015, Kibble founded the BSN Foundation to offer more affordable professional testing opportunities to athletes nationwide. A year later, he began developing a proprietary grading scale to identify the absolute best athletes in combines, aiming to provide comprehensive reporting to assist recruiters and scouts at the next level.

Now, 12 years later, the National Scouting Combine continues to advance, providing exposure and opportunities for both men and women in US Olympic Sports, Pro Rugby, WWE, and more.

Jimmy Kibble, reflecting on the partnership, said, "We're thrilled to collaborate with the AIF. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to scout and identify top talent. We're excited to contribute to the AIF's growth, helping to establish the league as a prime destination for aspiring professional athletes."

This partnership is set to transform the landscape of indoor football, bringing a new generation of exceptional athletes and thrilling competition to the forefront of the AIF.

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American Indoor Football (AIF), established in 2005 and relaunched in 2023, epitomizes the thrill of American football in an indoor setting. The league champions the growth of indoor football nationwide, providing a high-level platform for athletes to showcase their talents. The AIF is committed to delivering a family-friendly, accessible football experience, emphasizing speed, skill, and entertainment. At its core, AIF values sportsmanship, community involvement, and the holistic development of players. It plays a crucial role in nurturing emerging football talent and inspiring youth participation in sports. As a cornerstone of American sports, the AIF continually evolves, bringing the unique excitement of indoor football to fans across the country.

About National Scouting Combine

The National Scouting Combine is a premier event providing athletes a unique platform to showcase their skills to professional sports levels, including football, rugby, wrestling, and various Olympic disciplines. Founded by former professional athlete Jimmy Kibble, it offers an experience akin to the NFL Combine, featuring comprehensive testing, advanced technology, and performance reporting. Designed to deliver authentic and expert evaluations for both male and female athletes, the combine emphasizes accurate and validated data, aiding in athlete development and recruitment. It's an invaluable resource for athletes seeking exposure and opportunities in their respective sports fields, contributing significantly to the scouting and recruiting landscape. More information about the combine can be found at



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