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Stampede Tackles Optimal Player Health with Synchrony ChiroCare of Central PA

Stampede Tackles Optimal Player Health with Synchrony ChiroCare of Central PA

Harrisburg Stampede Tackles Optimal Player Health with Synchrony ChiroCare of Central PA Partnership!

Harrisburg Stampede proudly announces its partnership with Synchrony ChiroCare for the 2024 season, aiming to enhance player structure, function, and overall health using advanced chiropractic techniques.

In a move that signifies a commitment to player health and performance, your professional indoor football team Harrisburg Stampede has partnered with Synchrony ChiroCare, a leader in chiropractic care in Central Pennsylvania. The partnership, officially commencing for the 2024 season, is geared toward providing the Harrisburg Stampede players with specialty structural care to optimize their bodily functions on and off the field.

Through this collaboration, Synchrony ChiroCare will establish a comprehensive structural blueprint of each player's body using the most sophisticated, computer-aided equipment to gauge how it measures up against established scientific norms. Recognizing the unique blueprint of each individual, Synchrony ChiroCare aims to rebuild and fortify the players' bodies, fostering enhanced strength, stability, and overall health. The same dedicated level of care and precision provided to Harrisburg Stampede players will be accessible to the public at Synchrony ChiroCare's Enola office, inviting patients to begin their journey toward becoming healthier versions of themselves.

Speaking on this exciting new partnership, Harrisburg Stampede owner Justin Coble commented, "The key to achieving excellence on the field is to work with the best partners off the field. That's why we sought out leaders and specialists in our community - Dr. Bennese and Dr. Froehlich are two such figures whose expertise will be invaluable to our players and staff." The relationship between the Harrisburg Stampede and Synchrony ChiroCare exemplifies the team's determination not only to succeed in indoor football but to be at the forefront of player health and wellness.

About the Harrisburg Stampede:

The Harrisburg Stampede is a professional indoor football team that takes pride in bringing high-energy, competitive sporting entertainment to Central Pennsylvania. With a focus on success both on and off the field, the Harrisburg Stampede is dedicated to excellence and community involvement, striving to form strategic partnerships with leaders in various industries to elevate the team and provide the best possible experience for players and fans alike.

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